“…grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ” Ephesians 4:15 (ESV)

We are committed to training the members of Baldivis Church.

June 14, 2019: Image of God: A Divine Antidote in a Culture of Death.

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June 14, 2019: Image of God: A Divine Antidote in a Culture of Death. Presentation Question and Answers.

In our world today abortion is common and euthanasia, or doctor-assisted death as it is sometimes called, is becoming more common. In a growing number of countries, the right to die is persistently advocated and, sadly, the right to put to death in the womb is simply assumed. In this “culture of death,” as some have called it, how does the church maintain and promote a Biblical view of life? In this speech we will explore the central importance of the doctrine of the image of God as it is revealed not only toward the end of Genesis 1 but also at the beginning of Genesis 5, as well as other passages in Scripture. Practical implications for our life within the church and our testimony within this world will be addressed.


April 10, 2019: Raising Children God’s Way

Raising children God’s way is raising your covenant children for God; i.e. helping them to believe, to live for God, to know Him, and to love Him in a personal relationship with God. We will be seeing what this means in today’s world, looking at some specific goals and objectives. We will also examine some of the challenges and difficulties, errors and causes for rebellion. How do we respond to them and shepherd our children, channeling their energies and challenging them. We need to give our children a vision for today!

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March 26, 2019: Depression and Mental Health

This presentation will consist of two parts: People who experience depression and struggle with mental health problems and would like to get some advice on how to handle their own depression from a Biblical point of view; secondly, people like family members, friends, elders, who are involved in people’s lives that experience depression would like to receive the ability to assess the situation, the Spirit’s virtue of considerateness, and some ways of coping with an ailing relative. Regarding the first part we will see the differences and varieties of “depressions,” and we will consider the consultation of psychologists, psychiatrists, and consider depression and the workings of faith and relationships. In the context of part two we will see how those who are healthy should acquaint themselves with other people’s abnormalities.

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March 19, 2019: Leadership training – Shepherding your family

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March 14, 2019: Leadership training – Leading your wife and children

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March 07, 2019: Leadership training – Knowing your wife and children

Due to technical difficulties on the night we were unable to video record the teaching session. Part of the audio recording below is also truncated.

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February 26, 2019: Biblical Counselling

There is a great need for good counselling in the churches these days. You may know of a married couple who can’t get along, members who struggle because of the death of a loved one, a church member who is still struggling to get free from an addiction, or a young person wondering what God’s will is for his life. God has the answers, but those people struggle to find them. God is sovereign, also when He uses you to help your brother and sister find answers. This presentation will help us be better counselors for brothers and sisters in our congregation.


February 20, 2019: How to live as reformed youth in today’s world

We will be looking at the particular characteristics and challenges today’s youth have in the midst of this world. Youth is a time of unprecedented opportunities in which to internalize truth they have learned as they prepare themselves for a productive, God-honouring life as an adult. It’s also a time of new temptations, of trial and testing, to be used as opportunities for growth and maturing to adulthood. In this wider context we will consider what issues our youth are dealing with and how the wisdom of Scripture can help (i.e. wisdom as found in Proverbs and 2 Peter). Thus we recognize the spiritual battle of our time and its influence on our life. We will conclude with an overview of what “today’s world” is like in which our youth are living as “reformed youth.


February 28, 2017: What Does a Healthy Church Look Like? 

Presentation powerpoint: Tuesday Night Tune-Ups – Church

Is it possible for a church to manifest the three marks of the true church and still be sick? How many marks are there? Is a true church the same as a perfect church? What elements or aspects should be present for a church to be true, healthy and vibrant? Do you know what an ingrown church looks like? Do you know what a three directional church is all about?

Suggested Readings:
C. John Miller, Outgrowing the Ingrown Church (Zondervan)

E. Clowney, The Church (InterVarsity Press)


February 21, 2017: The Way and Worth of Bible Study

Presentation powerpoint: Tuesday Tune-ups – Bible Study

In Christian circles no one disagrees with the need for Bible study. It is something that believers do. But how should it be done? Should it be done daily? Do you always have to read or study an entire chapter? What about the inductive approach? Is an essay required for group Bible study? How often should you read the entire Bible? Special attention will be paid to Psalm 134 and the Book of Revelation.

Suggested Readings:
Gordon Fee, How Should We Read the Bible? (YouTube)
R.C. Sproul, Knowing Scripture (InterVarsity Press)


February 14, 2017: Visitation: Need or Nuisance?

Presentation powerpoint: Tuesday Night Tune-Ups – Visitation

If you have never experienced a bad home visit, please raise your hands? Is this Reformed practice of visiting singles and families a necessary thing or an invasion of privacy? What does the Bible say? How is it being done? How should it be done? Should all the elders use the same theme? Do you have suggestions for improvement?

Suggested readings:
P. Feenstra, The Glorious Work of Home Visits (Premier Printing)
C. van Dam, The Elder (P&R Publishing)


February 7, 2017: The Beauty of Reformed Worship

Presentation powerpoint: Tuesday Tune-ups – Worship

Time was spent looking at the Biblical basics of worship, as well as its history and development. The suggested orders of worship will also receive attention, as well as issues related to it: why psalm singing? What about hymns? Why an organ or a piano? What about a band? Does a sermon need three points? Is there a difference between the first and second prayer? How should the Lord’s Supper be celebrated?

Suggested readings:
G. VanDooren, The Beauty of Reformed Worship (visit:
G. van Rongen, The Liturgy of God’s Covenant (visit: