The most well known symbol of Christianity is the cross. It is fixed to churches, found in cemeteries and hung around necks. But has it ever struck you how peculiar it is that the cross has become the universal symbol of the Christian religion? When Jesus Christ died on a cross 2000 years ago, the cross was the sign of death: a death so painful and so shameful that it was reserved for the worst of criminals. Jesus, however, was not a criminal: as the Son of God he was the only One who was truly good. He did not die because He did wrong but he died because we did wrong: he died for us, to take away our sin, our wrongdoing, our shame. And that’s why the cross is such a precious symbol: it reminds us not just of our sin but also of our Saviour. The cross reminds us that when we believe in Jesus we belong to Him so that everything he did, he did for us. And this Jesus is no longer a dead man on a cross, but he lives again and gives new life to all who trust in Him.